All things small at the Alasitas Fair in Bolivia

La Feria de la Alasita is a craft fair in Bolivia where miniature ritualistic items are sold to enthusiastic locals. Objects include tiny baby dolls, wads of small bills, petite bottles filled with healthy concoctions, cars, houses, even diminutive diplomas. With the help of the Tiwanakan deity Ekeko, god of abundance and prosperity, the Aymaran people of the Andean altiplano believe that possessing (or gifting) these figurines will become reality for holders.

While the crafts on display were fascinating, I especially enjoyed watching the whirlwind commotion at the fair.

2 Responses to Peter’s Picture Show: Round and Round at the Alasitas Fair

  1. Erik Soley says:

    Damn your camera is high quality. Good editing. You should work for Globe Trekker on PBS.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks, Erik. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for anything longer than a minute or so… but I have to admit it’s fun learning some basic video editing software, it’s fun to add a new perspective to my travels.

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