There’s a specific process that I go through each time I travel.  As soon as I land in a new place my senses are sharp as I take in the unfamiliar surroundings and try to grasp the unacquainted customs.

The first thing I do is walk.  I walk constantly, sometimes all day, looking and learning, trying to orient myself.  I notice faces and gestures, I register landmarks and neighborhoods, I catalog shops and eateries, I study the local conveyances and set my bearings.

The newness amazes and confounds me: simple things like transport, streets, prices, meals, the protocols of daily interactions and small exchanges – these usually occupy a huge space in my mind for the first few days.  I am acutely aware of everything.  It’s an overwhelmingly stimulating period and a tiring one.  My mind is constantly gauging and processing.  I drain easily.

And sleep doesn’t always come easily those first days.  The sounds and smells, the altitude or humidity, the jet lag or the change in seasons – these all contribute to restless nights and a fatigue that accompanies my waking hours.

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