Peter’s Picture Show: A Bus Ride Through Bolivia

Here’s a 3.5 minute video of our eight-hour journey through the Bolivian mountains from La Paz to Cochabamba.  We saw all sorts of inclement weather, beautiful terrain and unfortunate accidents during the trip.  Thankfully we arrived unscathed.

4 thoughts on “Peter’s Picture Show: A Bus Ride Through Bolivia”

  1. Aya ya is right!! Paul and I just watched this together. Glad you were not one of the accident casualties!! Paul making his famous corn and sweet potato soup. Amy making a new drink; “Amy’s seaglass breeze”. It may turn out to be like a Bolivian bus ride!

    1. Yep, a white-knuckler at times… but in all a fine trip, it’s so great to marvel at all the spectacular natural sights here in Bolivia. This was my first attempt using my video software, I will be making more during my Kiva Fellowship about microcredit borrowers here in Bolivia and will need to use lots of subtitles, so you can see that I was practicing using captions.

      Mmmmmm, I could go for one of those yummy sounding “seaglass breeze” drinks right now! I just spent the afternoon translating a long interview from Spanish and could definitely use a cocktail right about now. I’ll probably have my usual glass of Campos de Solana Bolivian red wine (Paul is very familiar with this brand) tonight, but maybe I’ll get creative cuz I have a load of fresh, fruity mangoes at the apartment and a blender waiting to be put to use!

  2. Thanks Mark, yes Bolivia sure is full of fun and surprises! I miss you all as well, have fun with the USPS course, does this mean I’ll have to salute you when I get back?

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