A Day in My Life: Scenes from Cochabamba

Scenes from my daily life in Cochabamba

My life as a Kiva Fellow was obviously different than my normal travel mostly due to the fact that I lived primarily in one city, had an apartment, went shopping for food, spent time in an office, and had time and energy to socialize at night.

Here are some pictures and captions that I hope give a sense of my daily life in Bolivia.

Home: More than just a place to hang my hat for a night or two…

Office: No cubicles, a 10-minute commute, a two-hour lunch break, and not a word in English…

Client Visits: Time spent with the best “users” ever… an awesome part of my job!

Work: Still lots of time in front of the computer but I could definitely leave it at the end of day…

Leisure Time and Food: Fun friends and new experiences and a vast new universe of flavors to explore…

6 thoughts on “A Day in My Life: Scenes from Cochabamba”

  1. This is what a mom wants — an hour-by-hour, day-by-day account of your whereabouts. Now, let’s see the pictures you DIDN’T show us!

    The captions showed the family humor and I really like your selections. Must be difficult to select the perfect shots from your many good ones.

    So glad to hear your Kiva cow decided you weren’t cute enough. But are you and the toucan still seeing each other?

    We head to Chiapas in March! Can’t wait. Love, Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom, I’m glad you got a sense of my day-to-day life. You will have to suffer through an endless travelogue of my “other” pictures when I see you next, get ready..!

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