Festa de Rua: Revelry in the Streets of Salvador

Timing is everything and my arrival in Salvador da Bahia coincides with a growing Perfect Storm:

  • the lead-up to the São João festival that will spill into the cobblestone streets of the Pelourinho neighborhood with wild drumming, dance and drunkenness
  • the kickoff of the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil with matches watched on big screens and celebrated in crowds throughout the city
  • the headline-grabbing street protests clamoring against government corruption, poor services and the high cost of living here

These brewing forces will surge in coming days, auguring a street festa of Big Brazilian proportions. Here’s a snippet of the preparations for the São João festival I witnessed in the streets the day after my arrival. If this is just a warm up, the real deal this weekend promises to sizzle!

4 thoughts on “Festa de Rua: Revelry in the Streets of Salvador”

  1. Ray and I were excited about your video. What a culture; everyone is a musician. And dancer! And singer! We are a world away in Warwick, RI where we spent the day at Goddard Memorial Park walking in the forest and on the beach on Narraganset Bay. It’s so beautiful where we both are but your city and country are going large with all three events converging. We are so happy you are there to enjoy it. To Wisconsin, tomorrow morning. Susan and Ray

    1. Hi Mom, I’m so glad you enjoyed the video and that you’re having a great time in New England. Already the video seems tame in comparison to the festivities I saw last night and will keep growing through the weekend.

      Yes, I’m very lucky to be in Brazil right now… very exciting and so much to take in. Spending three weeks in Salvador is a fantastic way to start my Brazilian adventure; I’ll be ready to tackle more of the country after that with improved language ability and more cultural familiarity. Such a cool country this is… so far A++!

  2. Those folks south of the border know how to PARTY! I would bet the frustrated chorus line dancer boy in you is just bursting to get jiggy with it 🙂 Those sword fighters need to be more careful… someone is going to lose an eye. Glad you are jumping into the fray of celebration. I wish some of that carefree attitude would make its way up here!

    Missing you lots. Paul xo

    1. Hey Paul, yes Salvador is a party town… and this video captured just the warm-up, the real deal a few days later was off the hizzy! Great music and partying, and yes – so unlike our reserved part of the world. It’s wonderful to be part of such joyous and uninhibited celebrations, Brazilians know that life is better when there’s a party.

      I miss you lots too, Paul. Can’t wait to have similar experiences with you on future adventures! xoxo

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