Please Read: Disappearing in One Act

So there’s that face that appears now and again on Wikipedia, y’all know it:

Wikipedia Face

So I got tired of these people glaring at me with that you oughta look while I learn about the various and sundry miscellanea of this incredible universe at our disposal1 and simply made a donation.  And lo and behold, the face disappeared!2

Wiki Why?

On a daily basis I enjoy its amazing collection of knowledge and of course I really appreciate all that Wikipedia stands for.  And donating to the Wikipedia Foundation has been a priority since reading this accolade in Wired magazine.

But it is nice to read in peace without anyone staring back at me.

1 Random Wikipedia entries taken from my browser history.

2 Of course you can just click on the X in the upper right corner of the banner to exeunt the faces.3

3 But that ain’t no fun nor good (no matter how much we love cookies), now is it?