Hong Kong Gateway – Our Arrival in Asia

Crossing to Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

Seventeen hours on an airplane. Ugh.  Fortunately our non-stop trip from New York went very smoothly and it was easier logistically to reach Asia with no connections, but we were ever so glad to arrive in Hong Kong.  Following the advice of Mark and Amy who greatly enjoyed their stopover in Hong Kong, we decided it would be an excellent opportunity to begin to recover from jet lag while exploring this city with such a fascinating past and future.

Paul atop Victory Peak above Hong Kong Island

We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui on the mainland, just at the tip of Kowloon peninsula.  It is an interesting neighborhood, full of high-end fashion and jewelery shops, sparkling shopping malls and luxury hotels.  Our accommodation was less luxurious but perfectly fine, we stayed in one of the many guest houses sprinkled throughout the highrise “mansions” along Nathan Road.  Here the rooms are basic but comfortable and clean, with lightning-fast wi-fi and tiny “all-in-one” bathrooms that provide a sink, toilet and shower in a single square meter.

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