Cono Sur Trip 2002 – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile

Southern Cone 2002

This was a month-long trip I took in November and December 2002 with a primary focus on Patagonia and the Andes regions.  I still remember how constantly I was on the move, so much to see over a HUGE geography.  The conventional maps (oriented with the northern hemisphere at the center) don’t adequately scale South America, but new reversed map constructs such as the Upside-Down map better represent land mass proportions.  Imagine taking a bus over half the continental USA in a mere four weeks, sightseeing to boot.

These entries were originally emails to friends and family, here they are presented with photos.  Enjoy!

Family Reunion & (Even Further) Southbound‏

The saga continues after hangover recovery, on to Uruguay for a great family reunion, then en route to Patagonia…

Gran reunión with my 1986 AFS host family. A beautiful family, full of love and spirit. And growing every year!
Gran reunión with my 1986 AFS host family. A beautiful family, full of love and spirit. And growing every year!

27 Nov 2002

Here’s the latest of my travel adventures.  Wow so much has happened, let’s see where I last left off… oh Buenos Aires, was it?  Seems like an eternity ago…

Anyway, after I finally recovered from the Big Gay Night Out hangover, I was ready to rally again by 6 PM, so I reunited with the Argentine juggler since she invited me to this REALLY COOL community theater event in a working-class neighborhood just south of downtown.  She said the theater is a converted warehouse (just my type) that was intended to be an arts school, buy that never happened.  Anyway the rough-n-tough locals decided to turn it into a community theater and for twelve years have produced barrio-written and performed original works.  It receives no governmental funding but has managed to produce very innovative theater and have established a reputation for excellence among porteños…. That night’s performance was called “El fulgor argentino” and was sort of a musical/performance art thingey that dealt with the history of the neighborhood from the 1920’s until now, involving amazing costumes, cool music, probably 100+ local performers (no professionals), incredible puppets, sound efects, etc etc.  Wow, I TOTALLY loved it as you can well imagine.  Even before the show there were a couple street vendors selling everything from gourmet pizzas, roast lamb on a spit (even I admit it *looked* tasty), more than a dozen homemade pastries, beer, wine, etc.  Very different from the Italian sausage crapola normally sold on the streets.  I treated my friendly host to both the show and pre-event wine/dessert — the total cost: $9.  Unbelievable.

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