Lucha Libre – High Jinks and High-flying Theatrics in Mexico City

Lucha Libre cartelera at the Arena Coliseo

Strolling through the ever-fascinating La Merced market in Mexico City, I happened upon a poster advertising a lucha libre, or “free fighting” match today, not far from my hotel in the centro histórico in Mexico City.  And with a threatening thunderstorm rolling in, I dashed to the arena and purchased a mid-priced ticket after repeated attempts by the boletero to sell me the high-priced ringside seats.  I wanted to experience the “alternative” Mexico City, but not necessarily from the front row.  I was happy on this occasion to simply sit back inconspicuously and take in the experience from the relative afar.

And what a crazy experience it was – I expected to stay perhaps 45 minutes or an hour tops just to get a feel for the “show” but in fact after a couple beers and a surprisingly entertaining atmosphere, before long I found myself shouting on the edge of my seat as the finale neared at the end of Hour Two.

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