A Hong Kong Visual Feast

City of Contrasts: A striking city of calm and chaos, emerald mountains and soaring towers of steel, families picnicking on soft green grasses just steps away from packed tramways and bustling walkways, neighborhood markets with tiny family shops just around the corner from luxurious shopping galleries with haute couture fashion.  In our two days in Hong Kong we saw the many beautiful faces of Hong Kong.

Fine and Fun Moments: We found surprises and delights every step along our way through Hong Kong.

Eating: The flavorful food is a highlight of Hong Kong.  Paul and I were both very well fed; we are both huge fans of Asian cuisine.  When it comes to eating, Hong Kong has it all!

Emerald Islands In a Sea of Concrete: Superb parks and green spaces abound in Hong Kong. We enjoyed many moments of calm away from the crowds of the city.

Worship: The Chinese temples and ancestral worship houses were fascinating.  Such an interesting change from the dominant Christianity in the Western world.

Building Style:  The architecture of Hong Kong is dazzling and sometimes daunting.  With more skyscrapers than in any other city, the towering walls of steel and glass define Hong Kong.

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