Scenes from Quito's Old Town, a colonial gem of a city

Quito’s Old City, a wondrous maze of colonial architecture, is the largest and best-preserved in the Americas. Having endured a massive upgrade in recent years – with historic buildings restored and dicey barrios revitalized – the Old Town now boasts an impressive list of notable wonders: nearly 60 colonial churches and plazas, a bevy of Independence-era buildings, dozens of private homes, and a long list of outstanding museums.

Wandering the Old Town is a treat for the eyes and I was entertained for days. I’m not normally a huge fan of Latin American capital cities but the lure of Quito’s centro histórico is hard to resist!

2 Responses to Reliquary of the Americas: Quito’s Old Town

  1. Peter's Mom says:

    I’m so relieved to read the grafitti reasuring me that everything is fine with you both and that you are not asking questions. I should hope not! Be polite.

    Wow, what churches. And they are pope-less. Don’t ask questions. Love, Mom

    • Peter says:

      Yes, things are certainly fine with me and I am being polite (of course — you raised me well!). The churches were spectacular but sad, even here in Latin America the catholic churches are losing followers. So much gold and so few people to enjoy it.

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